What should I know when I rent a bike with Bike Rental France

Go to the homepage and fill in the inquiry form after the sizing chart. Input your details, your dates and the sizes of bikes you need. We will reply as soon as possible and if you agree the quote and the conditions, you will get a payment link for a 50% deposit. The deposit is refundable within 15 days prior the rental period. Here is the link toward the inquiry form
Regarding the time of the year, it is better to reserve when you know your dates. July, August and early September are the busiest months. However, in general we would recommend to book early as we can plan better our season and give you the best options available.
In 2024, we use the Norvegian brand Fara which provide a sizing chart on the home page. If you are not sure, you can send us an email at info@bikerentalfrance
We deliver for free in Toulouse and certain other places like Gaillac in the Tarn. For other locations, send us an email with the address where you would like to have the bikes delivered and we will give you a quote.
When you sign the rental agreement, you take the responsability of the bike(s). When you get the bikes, they are in perfect condition ready to ride. Every broken item would charged and a cost of work will be added. Concerning thefts, you would be charge for the price of replacement for a bike.
The bikes come with a saddle bag with a spare tube, tire levers and a mini toolkit. A mini pump is attached to the frame.
The bikes come without pedals and we recommand that you bring your own pedal because they are set as you like. However if you don't want to carry your pedals in your bags, you can rent a pair of Look Keo, Shimano SPD MD (Mountain Bike) or Shimano SPD SL (Road) for 2 € per day. It is the same with the Helmet. We rent helmets for 2 € a day.
Our saddle are pretty comfy for women and men. But if you prefer to use yours, it is possible.
Yes, we don't have GPS mount.
When you book, we ask you a 50% deposit and 100% of the cost 15 days before the rental period. If you need to cancel, the 50% deposit can be refunded within 15 days prior the rental period except the bank transfer fees.