Cycling from Gaillac to Marseille

Cycling from Gaillac to Marseille

Where does this idea come from, cycling from Gaillac to Marseille?

Cycling with goals is always more motivating, espeacially in winter when outside temperature is closed to 0°C . Winter is this time when everything slows down and I had time to do other things than working! So I decided to go visit a friend who settled in Marseille recently and of course it was clear that it would be bikepacking from Gaillac.
There are several ways for cycling from Gaillac to Marseille, one which is popular is going to Toulouse, then following the Canal du Midi until Sète and finally riding the Camargue area and reaching Marseille. I thought this one was a bit too flat so I went for the scenic one through the south of Massif Central, la Lozère and the Provence.

Gaillac to Millau

On sunny Sunday, I started with 1°C toward Albi and the Tarn Valley (Vallée du Tarn). There is no trafic on winter wednesday in this area. The itinerary is quite challenging for the first stage to Millau, with 125 km and 1500 m of climbing in the last 40 km. With a light light loaded bike, it is easy to cruise at a good pace along winding roads. Arriving in Millau at night, that was a perfect Day 1.

Millau to Uzes

Day 2 is another story. The weather was not dry at all with rain the first 50 km. Anyway, I had to go, I was well equipped and the rain was not so heavy, just enought to be completly wet after a hour !
I left Millau toward Meyruies through les gorges du Tarn and les gorges de la Jonte. After a break in Meyruies and a sundance which didn’t work, I kept going, climbing near the Mount Aigual. With snow and fog, that was an epic ride. Going to Anduze and reaching Uzes was accomplished with dry tarmac.

Uzes to Marseille

Even if the destination is at see level, the route to Marseille is not flat at all. With the day with 1000m of climbing will be great ride with sun all the way. The scenery changed drastically. I crossed villages typical of Provence like Tarascon, Saint-Rémy-de-Provence or les Beaux-de-Provence. Finally arriving in Marseille was easy, I flew down to the city before sunset. I was happy!