General Terms

Parties Involved

These general terms and conditions apply to all contracts between Bici1es and customers for bike rentals, including accessories.

Bicycle Description

Bici1es provides carbon road bikes like mentionned in the rental contract / invoice.

The bikes are in good condition, clean. If they are damages on the bikes which are rented, it will mentionned on an extra inventory sheet.

Rental Period, Late Fees and Penalties:

It is possible to collect and return the bikes during opening times 8am – 6pm.

The customer is not allowed to return a rented bicycle after the date and time stated in the contract. 

Bikes must be returned during the business hours of Bici1es unless otherwise agreed. 

One day is considered to be from 8am to 6pm. 

Bici1es is not obliged to give any refund for rented bikes that are returned before the end of the rental period specified in the contract.
Late return of the bikes will result in a fine of 50€ per day for each bike.
If the specified times are not adhered to without prior notice, it could lead to forfeiture of the rental without the possibility of a refund

Rental Fees: 

The customer has agreed to pay the price of the bike rental specified in the rental contract. 100% of this price needs to be paid one day before the rental period.

Security Deposit: 

A 100% deposit is required when booking. This deposit can be refunded until 3 days prior the rental period (Except bank transfer fees).

A valid ID and a photocopy of a valid credit card will be provided by the customer.

Terms of Use: 

The customer is required to handle the bicycle with care and use it only for its intended purpose. 

The customer must return the bicycle to Bici1es in its original condition, and no changes are allowed without prior permission from Bici1es. 

By renting a bike from Bici1es,  The customer affirms his good physical condition, confirming he is free from any medical conditions that could affect their ability to ride a bicycle safely and confidently.. 

The customer must obey all traffic laws and instructions from local law enforcement 

The customer can’t sublease the bike under any circumstances, can’t ride under alcohol or other drugs which could alter his capacity to ride a bike.

The use of the bicycle is prohibited if it is damaged or if its use could worsen the damage or compromise traffic safety.

Responsibility for Damages and theft:

The customer is liable for any damage occurring during the rental period.

The customer is responsible for the bike and must never leave the bicycle unattended. He is liable for the theft of the bike. The price of a new bike would be due if it occurs.

Liability Waiver: 

The customer assumes all risks associated with using the bicycle(s) and releases Bci1es  from any liability for accidents, injuries, or damages.

Cancellation Policy: 

Bici1es hold :

100% of the price between 3 days and the rental the rental period.

Governing Law: 

The customer understands that any dispute resolution must occur in a court under Mallorca, Balearic Islands, Spain’s jurisdiction.